About Us

Since 1960 the Taiwan Balloon of Global Marketing

For 52 years, TAILLOON Balloons has continuously researched and developed high-quality balloons, developing and designing a multiplicity of product types. In preserving the spirit of quality from the old rubber balloon"rabbit" we inherit-ed, and with a simultaneous determination towards reform and commitment to innovation, the private brand nameprolloonrubber balloon manufacturers was born. Just as in track-and-field relay races, TAILLOON Balloons has received the baton of fate.

PROLLOON is an innovative word, the conflation of Professional and Balloon. We hope that TAILLOON Balloons will continue to work hard for the balloon industry in Taiwan and the world, to research and develop, as well as to innovate, higher quality professional balloons. At the same time, we hope to establish more fun balloon products and use balloons to bring happiness to more and more people.

Balloon latex Tapping

Balloons are made of natural rubber latex, which is tapped from the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis.

The rubber trees produce a milky sap, which is then turned into latex – a one hundred percent natural substance that should never be confused with plastic. The trees are 'tapped' in a similar manner to the extraction of maple syrup – a process which has no harmful impact on the tree's health.

Since rubber trees are grown in plantations rather than their natural rainforest habitat, they help the world's ecosystem. This is because of the amount of carbon sequestration from the environment the trees provide. The rubber production industry is recognised as a 'green industry', which is not surprising when you consider that in just one year, the 16 million trees the worldwide balloon industry requires take up over 363 million kilograms of CO2 gases from the Earth's atmosphere.

In addition,the major forms of vegetation in tropical rainforests and as such, are helping to maintain the Earth's ecological balance. Instead of deforesting land in order to raise cattle, people are able to make a better living harvesting latex.