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Discover the rich history and unwavering quality of Taiwan's foremost balloon supplier, a beacon of excellence in the industry for decades. With a legacy spanning generations, our commitment to delivering top-tier balloons and unparalleled service has made us a trusted brand in celebrations and events across Taiwan.

Established in 1960, we have stood the test of time, evolving with the changing landscape of the balloon industry while staying true to our core values of craftsmanship and client satisfaction. From festive gatherings to corporate functions and dollar shops, our diverse range of balloons caters to every occasion, adding a touch of joy and vibrancy to every event. Learn more about our balloons!



Quality ISO9001-2015 Approved


Safety Pass EN71 safety and chemical tests, highest standard in the industry.

Custom Demand

Custom Demand Meeting customers' request and deliver products beyond satisfactory.


Service Trust worthy and reliable, 60 plus years in business since 1960.

Great & Awesome ProductsCustomize

Tailloon Balloons has a department dedicated for OEM clients, which we worked for the pass sixty years. These clients are from America, Europe, Africa and Asia, average 120 countries annually. With sixty years of experience in the business, we are the best in the industry for delivering the products your company want. ...More

Global Marketing

More than 130 countries including the United States, Europe, Japan, Arabia, etc.



The Toy Fair (New York Toy Fair 2025)


The 99th TOKYO INTERNATIONAL Gift Show Spring 2025


The 98th TOKYO INTERNATIONAL Gift Show Autumn 2024