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Q: What is your minimum order?
A: US$ 5000 with all items FOB Taiwan by sea. Under US$ 5000, the handling charge is US$ 250 by L/C or US$ 190 by T/T.
Q: May I have my own packing?
A: Sure! The packing you can see is just for reference. You can have your own package.
Q: Does the same series of Party Balloon have same price?
A: That's right! Same price of each bag with the same series. Ex: PT-5, PT-12. You can tell us your target price. We will pack the right package for you. It will be easy for selling in your market.
Q: Are Latex Balloons Environmental Friendly?
A: Tailung Latex produce 100% bio-degradable and nontoxic balloons! Our balloons decompose naturally, just as fast as oak leaves decomposes! They are made from saps tapped from Rubber Trees that grow in rainforests in Malaysia.
Q: How long will a helium balloon float?
A: An Untreated Latex Balloon (12") will last up to 24 hours, pending environmental factors, such as temperature and exposure to sunlight
Q: Is Helium Safe?
A: Helium is a non-poisonous gas, nontoxic and nonflammable gas. It is environmental friendly, but it should not be inhaled!
Q: Will Helium Balloons Explodes on contact with fire?
A: The key word here is "Helium". If a Latex or PVC balloon is filled with Helium, it will never explode on contact with fire. However, if it is being filled with Hydrogen, it will surely explode!