CL-861 Dubble Side Pump

  • CL-861
  • CL-861
  • CL-861
Model No.:  CL-861
  • Height: 25 CM
  • An excellent utility for all balloon workers, can be used by professionals, amateurs, adults and children.
  • Two-way pump, both the upstroke and downstroke of this pump push air into your balloons.
  • Making for smooth, nearly effortless inflation.
  • Each component is molded plastic.
  • Solid easy to set up 160-Taper hole, can be easy plug into different small size of balloon, 2"~5"…etc.
  • Stop rolling-Flower shape designed for stopping rolling.
  • Easy hold-Carved handlebar makes user easy hold handlebar.
  • Easy holding balloon-Balloon gap easy hold balloon, and avoid inflating away.
  • Colors: blue, orange